Valve offers a flexible workspace system used by commercial building operators like WeWork and CBRE, and independent agencies. It works like an airbnb for corporate real estate.
Company product has two main components. The first helps operators and agents find suitable options for their clients. The second allows end consumers to view and select options, sign a contract, and pay for services via a digital interactive or pdf report.
As a Lead Product Designer at Valve, I was the responsible for all aspects of the company's design processes. I supported feature development, conducted UX reviews, brainstorming sessions, tested future concepts and much more. I used user data and feedback to solve problems and iterate solutions with the teams, while developing consistent design approaches that increased development speed and positively impacted the user experience.
My UX review prioritized improvements and identified important user activities that required enhancement. Through user interviews, I found broken user paths and ideas for improvement to enhance the user experience. I also tested larger tasks and improvements to reduce potential losses, discarding concepts that didn't resonate with the market, and increasing confidence in the usefulness of the concepts.
The company currently has $4.8 billion in contracts, is a global industry flexible workspace system used by many major commercial real estate operators in the United States and the United Kingdom.