Startup SmallTalk is an educational service that helps users develop their English skills. It offers an interactive conversational format in which users interact with the service by answering questions, and by the end of the exercise, user interaction is recorded and analyzed to create a detailed report that includes language scores and tips for improving skills.It is especially useful for users preparing for the IELTS language exam.
I was the first designer at this company. I was in charge and built the whole design process. My task was to improve and optimize the mechanics of interaction and work on key product metrics. As a startup with a small team, we all wanted to contribute to the product. To facilitate effective communication, idea generation, and prioritization, I implemented facilitation meetings. We identified possible service developments, weak points, and generated ideas for improvement.
In addition to facilitating meetings, I worked directly with the tasks. Our implementation strategy was "failing faster," which provided quick solutions and implementations at the expense of some mandatory steps in the product and design process. However, it allowed us to implement and test product ideas quickly, discard unworkable ideas, and develop effective ones. This strategy helped the startup grow and develop.
Since I joined the startup, we have completely redesigned the service, developed a unified design principle, and added new features. The product has grown several times over, and we monitor its performance, seeing an increase in the number of paid and new users every month.