Offer Tool is developed to assist game monetization specialists in creating and implementing effective in-game monetization strategies. The product provides a range of customized tools tailored to meet the unique needs and behaviors of different audience segments, enabling monetization specialists to adapt to changing trends and customer behavior.
As the Product Designer, I oversaw the entire product development process from conception to launch. My responsibilities included strategy development, technical validation of solutions, system design, product design, user testing, behavioral documentation, and more.
To develop the product, my team and I conducted a comprehensive discovery process that involved direct access to stakeholders and potential end-users. This allowed us to identify key pain points and gain a deep understanding of user needs. We held several rounds of brainstorming to generate ideas, which were then validated with the technical team.
The product has provided several benefits to the business, including a significant reduction in the time required to operate monetization strategies, automation of routine and repetitive work, and an increased ability to conduct monetization tests. These benefits have led to the development of better monetization campaigns that have positively impacted profitability.