Offer tool is a Saas - based solution that aimed to automate and manage Unix processes for telecom operators. The previous approach to managing these processes involved manually written scripts, which increased the risk of errors and required a lot of time and effort. The project's primary goal was to help engineers enhance their work, prevent errors, and optimize processes by leveraging existing, tested components of the system.
I was the responsible designer of this product, although I joined it after mvp. I worked closely with a team of business analysts and product managers, collaborating on the development of functionality, artifacts, and data.
As the designer, my responsibilities went beyond direct task development. I also played a crucial role in maintaining the infrastructure and supporting the design system. Additionally, I reviewed and optimized the implemented solutions to ensure that they were error-free and functional, contributing to the success of the project.
This project has now been implemented by over ten leading telecom operators, including T-Mobile and Rakuten.